Time machine

Have you ever seen Sci-Fi movie?
I have seen quite a lot lately.
I still believe that time machine really exists.
I want to have one that is my wish.

Last week, when I was back home at night.
I found something that gave me a fright.
It was quite a strange thing.
I didn’t know what it was, but it was quite frightening.

When I looked at ‘that thing’ closely,
it looked pretty much like a box to me.
When I started to look inside,
I saw a little monitor with some light.

I thought I should not touch it.
I went away and met my kids.
I told my son, I just found something odd.
He told me he just invented a time machine, he thought.

He further told me it was not finished.
He would continue bit by bit.
He was certain he was the one,
and I am quite sure it will get done.


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