Perfect vacation

Nothing is perfect. Well, it depends on criteria you select. To me, I just have a perfect vacation. Again it depends on my definition. Perfect vacation, to me, means spending time with my family. We have time to love, to laugh, and to talk. Hand in hand, in the morning and evening, we walk. Nothing... Continue Reading →

UK experience

I had been in UK for two weeks. And I loved it a lot. I went to many places that I would like to speak. Everything was lovely except the weather was a bit hot. First I went to Edinburgh, the beautiful city. I used to be there many times. But I still love it,... Continue Reading →

Vacation time

Since the term has begun in January, I work seven days a week, oh yes I have been very busy. But now the term is about to end. It is now vacation time, my friends. I decided to take time off and went to Hua Hin beach. I even left the school just right after... Continue Reading →

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