Secret of happiness

Yesterday I went to bed with my son and my wife. We normally talked about many things every single night. Yesterday I told my son about poem written by my friend, Harry. It was about his poem that he wrote recently. The poem was about his time machine. He went back to see his parents... Continue Reading →

Definition of Love

Love is what we are looking for. Love is what we need. Love is wanting less not more. Love is generosity not greed. Love is to give not to take. Love is all around. Love is real not fake. Love is not forced but found. Love is not for tomorrow. Love is for today. Love... Continue Reading →

My puppy love

When I was fourteen, I met a girl at a tutoring school. She was the most gorgeous, I’ve ever seen. She was really beautiful. Her name is Duangrudee. I remember it quite well. I really love her name, you see. So it must be a destiny, I could tell. But I didn’t’ have a gut... Continue Reading →

The equation of love

When two people are in love, this equation starts. Love is the product of two numbers, and I think this idea is smart. I find it true and also find it fun. It really explains why people say ‘two become one’. Let’s say, you are 1 and your lover is also 1. So 1 times... Continue Reading →

The measure of love

Can I measure ‘love’? Counting money, time, thing or all of the above? How do I know how much you love me? Can I quantify it so I can really see? Should I count the number of time when we meet? Should I count time when you are with me when I need? Should I... Continue Reading →

What do I love and hate?

I love reading. I hate meeting. I love playing. I hate shopping. I love saving. I hate spending. I love eating. I hate cooking. I love writing. I hate waiting. I love skiing. I hate jumping. I love jogging. I hate bowling. I love biking. I hate driving. I love sightseeing. I hate dancing.

That’s why

Do you know why we speak louder, when we have a fight? Do you know why lovers whisper, almost all day and night? I have theory to explain why this always happens. I got it from my friend. And I think about it quite often. It is all about the distance from our hearts. That... Continue Reading →

My son and I

I have a son, named Praj. Just like a normal father, I think that he is quite smart He loves to study science. His scores in this subject are just fine. His favourite animal is hedgehog. He also loves to raise hawk. He said that one day he will become a business man. Perhaps he... Continue Reading →

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