Happy Valentine’s Day

26 years ago I met this wonderful girl, and my life has never been the same. She just changed my whole world, right at the moment she came. I remembered the first word she talked to me. I even remembered how she dressed. That word was ‘sawadee ka’, or saying hello you see. That was... Continue Reading →


Twenty years ago I went to USA to study for my first master degree. I really had difficult days, since I missed my girlfriend and my family. At that time there was no chat application. And it was so expensive to make a phone call. So it was really rare occasion that I can call... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday My Wife

Several days ago, someone asked me. “Do you want to travel into the past?” Like others, I have done some mistakes, you see. So going back to correct them seems to be very smart. But I said to them, “No definitely not” and they asked me why. One thing that I never forgot, and it... Continue Reading →

Happy Anniversary My Wife

Sixteen years ago, my life has changed, when we got married. Everything was very well arranged, since started until finished. Time flies, and now I am living my dream. I mean, living with you. I feel like I am in heaven, it seems. You can call my dream comes true. You are a very good... Continue Reading →

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