Start with why

When you start to do something, you start with these questions normally. What do you want to do? How will you do it? And you think that you are ready. But mostly, people forgot the questions that start with 'why'. So it eventually ends up with failure and often they cried. So let's start with... Continue Reading →

Why we do what we do?

Why are we eating too much even we know quite well, it is not good? I always make a fuss. There must be something in our food. Why don’t we regularly exercise? Don’t we know that it is good for our health? I just don’t know why. I can’t really answer it myself. Most people... Continue Reading →

Why not

When we were a child, we learned to answer the question of ‘what’. It was easy and we usually smiled. Only thing we needed was to memorise the plot. Then ‘what’ was no longer enough, Our next question was ‘how’. But again we often laughed, We finally figured it out and it made us proud.... Continue Reading →

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