It’s time to quit

If you run too fast, you should stop. You should quit when you are at the top. If you work too much, then you should slow down. It’s no later, you need to do it now. Most people want to increase their productivity. They do a lot of work with limited time daily. They go... Continue Reading →


Secret of happiness

Yesterday I went to bed with my son and my wife. We normally talked about many things every single night. Yesterday I told my son about poem written by my friend, Harry. It was about his poem that he wrote recently. The poem was about his time machine. He went back to see his parents... Continue Reading →

What is Ikigai?

Have you ever heard the Japanese term called Ikigai? Do you know what it means? I don’t know the word in English or Thai. Or if there is then I have never heard or seen. Ikigai is doing what you love, someone say, and also doing what you are good at. It’s also work that... Continue Reading →

Start with why

When you start to do something, you start with these questions normally. What do you want to do? How will you do it? And you think that you are ready. But mostly, people forgot the questions that start with 'why'. So it eventually ends up with failure and often they cried. So let's start with... Continue Reading →

What is happiness?

Happiness is when I am with you. Happiness is when I can do whatever I like to. Happiness is when I read a book. Happiness is when I eat what my wife cooks. Happiness is when my football team win. Happiness is when I eat a lot of food and stay thin. Happiness is when... Continue Reading →

Definition of Love

Love is what we are looking for. Love is what we need. Love is wanting less not more. Love is generosity not greed. Love is to give not to take. Love is all around. Love is real not fake. Love is not forced but found. Love is not for tomorrow. Love is for today. Love... Continue Reading →

Teaching award

I don’t know whether this rhyme will bore you. This is another rhyme telling about what I do. I am a lecturer at the university. I love my job, research and teaching particularly. I just got another award for my teaching. Results come from all lecturers’ voting. I was a bit surprised, I didn’t think... Continue Reading →

My first half marathon

This happened last year in December, I have done something I don’t think that’s cleaver. I normally run about five kilometers each time. But on that day, I did something different, you can read in this rhyme. On that day, I found myself running about five kilometers. Then I thought that it was o.k. both... Continue Reading →

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