Letter from my dad

Yesterday my mom gave me the letter. And I was quite surprised. She told me that it was written by my father. So I read it within that night. It was written in 1987, when I was only fifteen. It was about my birthday present. But I couldn’t remember that I’ve ever seen. One sentence... Continue Reading →


The sign of teenagers

I know the sign of teenagers. They spend a long time in front of mirror. When talking to their friends, they always whisper. When asking about their days, they always say ‘I’ve had better’. Taking a bath will last about an hour. They won’t listen to you, I mean never. They don’t really know what... Continue Reading →

Learn more

Learning is something that you can’t stop. You are never too old to study. If you want to be at the top, You must learn something new daily. I used to hate to learn, since I was a kid. But now it’s just like my turn, to tell you about what I did. I am... Continue Reading →


Inspiration Today I just want to write a rhyme. But I lack of inspiration. It happens from time to time. So I start to have a question. Where does inspiration come from? I just want to know. Is it coming with storm? Or is it coming with snow? How do you find inspiration? Where does... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday My Wife

Several days ago, someone asked me. “Do you want to travel into the past?” Like others, I have done some mistakes, you see. So going back to correct them seems to be very smart. But I said to them, “No definitely not” and they asked me why. One thing that I never forgot, and it... Continue Reading →

Why not

When we were a child, we learned to answer the question of ‘what’. It was easy and we usually smiled. Only thing we needed was to memorise the plot. Then ‘what’ was no longer enough, Our next question was ‘how’. But again we often laughed, We finally figured it out and it made us proud.... Continue Reading →

That’s why

Do you know why we speak louder, when we have a fight? Do you know why lovers whisper, almost all day and night? I have theory to explain why this always happens. I got it from my friend. And I think about it quite often. It is all about the distance from our hearts. That... Continue Reading →

Don’t stop learning

When I teach students at my university, I always tell them to keep learning. When they graduate finally, they still need to keep reading. The world is changing so fast, So they still need to keep up the pace. Otherwise they will become the last. And they will lose all their races. They should not... Continue Reading →

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