Knowledge = 1/Ego

Someone told me an interesting equation, It’s so true without any question. “Knowledge is the reciprocal of ego”. That applies to normal people and also heroes. When your ego is so high, you will not accept new knowledge since you are practically blind. You will think that you are better than everyone. You might even... Continue Reading →


What do I love and hate?

I love reading. I hate meeting. I love playing. I hate shopping. I love saving. I hate spending. I love eating. I hate cooking. I love writing. I hate waiting. I love skiing. I hate jumping. I love jogging. I hate bowling. I love biking. I hate driving. I love sightseeing. I hate dancing.

New year new challenge

I have been elected as a Vice Rector. The position that I’ve never thought of when I was a lecturer. Life is just like a box of chocolates. No one knows what we are gonna get. So everything is new to me. But I will do my best, you see. Before I will run out... Continue Reading →

Perfect vacation

Nothing is perfect. Well, it depends on criteria you select. To me, I just have a perfect vacation. Again it depends on my definition. Perfect vacation, to me, means spending time with my family. We have time to love, to laugh, and to talk. Hand in hand, in the morning and evening, we walk. Nothing... Continue Reading →

Life is like a box of chocolates

Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get. You know when I was a child, people asked me questions, and I only smiled. When I studied at the university, I tried to avoid speaking, yes, really. Even when I worked as an engineer, Public speaking was still one of... Continue Reading →

Why we do what we do?

Why are we eating too much even we know quite well, it is not good? I always make a fuss. There must be something in our food. Why don’t we regularly exercise? Don’t we know that it is good for our health? I just don’t know why. I can’t really answer it myself. Most people... Continue Reading →

The road not taken

What if I didn’t meet my wife? What would happen to my life? What if I didn’t study engineering? What if I studied marketing? What if I didn’t go to study in UK? What would happen to me, who could say? What if I didn’t get my Ph.D.? What if I didn’t have any degree?... Continue Reading →

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