It’s time to quit

If you run too fast, you should stop. You should quit when you are at the top. If you work too much, then you should slow down. It’s no later, you need to do it now. Most people want to increase their productivity. They do a lot of work with limited time daily. They go... Continue Reading →

Sunday morning

If you ask me ‘when is my most favourite time of the week?’ I would just say ‘every moment’. But when is the time that my emotion is at its peak, the time that my emotion is the least intense? It is going to be Sunday morning, when I have time to read and write.... Continue Reading →

My blog

I just knew how to write a blog. Since then I keep writing around the clock. I found myself spending time writing stories. Even though I know that few people will read it, really. I just don’t know why writing interests me a lot. When I start to write, I can go from plot to... Continue Reading →

My writing and my life

It all started when I was five when my dad asked me what I would like to buy. He asked “what is it son?” I answered “a book” because it was fun. Then I spent all summer reading, and almost forgot all my eating. It became my favorite hobby since then. Yes, I was a... Continue Reading →

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