Letter from my dad

Yesterday my mom gave me the letter.
And I was quite surprised.
She told me that it was written by my father.
So I read it within that night.

It was written in 1987,
when I was only fifteen.
It was about my birthday present.
But I couldn’t remember that I’ve ever seen.

One sentence that he wrote me,
was about how I should behave.
He told me that he would be very proud, you see,
If I was a good person. That’s the advice he gave.

He is still living with me.
And it has been about 45 years.
I consider myself very lucky, you see,
that I still have my parents living very near.

Although my father forget almost everything,
we are still having a good time together.
I show him his letter in the next morning.
With his smile, he told me ‘son, I didn’t remember’.


2 thoughts on “Letter from my dad

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  1. My father likes to do the same thing on my birthday. I never keep any of the letters he wrote. They are in a form of napkins, receipts or just recycled papers. But I do remember that he did this as well. I wonder why…

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