Do we need a university?

Someone said that university will no longer exist. To me, this might be true but now it’s a myth. How can we learn without going to a university? Someone said, you can learn online, but is it that easy? Which YouTube channel will you look for? How do you know what subject you need to... Continue Reading →

Learn more

Learning is something that you can’t stop. You are never too old to study. If you want to be at the top, You must learn something new daily. I used to hate to learn, since I was a kid. But now it’s just like my turn, to tell you about what I did. I am... Continue Reading →

Don’t stop learning

When I teach students at my university, I always tell them to keep learning. When they graduate finally, they still need to keep reading. The world is changing so fast, So they still need to keep up the pace. Otherwise they will become the last. And they will lose all their races. They should not... Continue Reading →

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