Happy Birthday My Son

Happy Birthday my son, To me, you are always the special one. I watch you grow every day. You are such a wonderful kid in your way. I know you love to protect animals’ right. I know when someone hurt them, you will always fight. I know you love to protect environment. I know you... Continue Reading →

What do you want your kids to be?

What do you normally expect from your kids? Do you expect them to be rich? Do you want them to study hard? Do you want them to be very smart? Do you want them to follow your instruction? Do you want them to always say yes without any question? Do you want them to pay... Continue Reading →

My son and I

I have a son, named Praj. Just like a normal father, I think that he is quite smart He loves to study science. His scores in this subject are just fine. His favourite animal is hedgehog. He also loves to raise hawk. He said that one day he will become a business man. Perhaps he... Continue Reading →

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