Letter to my future self

Dear my future self. How is your current health? I hope you still remember me. I am your past self, you see. Now I am only forty four. Yes that was thirty years ago. I wrote you this letter. I wrote to myself in the future. I know you are now quite old. What is... Continue Reading →


Twenty years ago I went to USA to study for my first master degree. I really had difficult days, since I missed my girlfriend and my family. At that time there was no chat application. And it was so expensive to make a phone call. So it was really rare occasion that I can call... Continue Reading →

Letter from my dad

Yesterday my mom gave me the letter. And I was quite surprised. She told me that it was written by my father. So I read it within that night. It was written in 1987, when I was only fifteen. It was about my birthday present. But I couldn’t remember that I’ve ever seen. One sentence... Continue Reading →

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