I don’t have time

When I asked someone,
I got answers that were quite fun.
For example, I asked people from US, why they were not prepared for subprime.
Their answers were simply “I don’t have time”

Yes, all of us have the same 24 hours a day.
So “I don’t have time” is irrational, I would say.
I think that the true meaning of this phrase
is that you don’t think it is that important to your fate.

“I don’t have time”, to me, is equal to, “it is not important enough”.
You can switch these two words and you might just laugh.
For example “I don’t have time to exercise”,
simply means, “it is not important since I am doing just fine”.

“I don’t have time to read a book”
means that “it is not that important to have a look”
“I don’t have time to do this task”,
means that “it is not important, you shouldn’t ask”

The problem is whether or not you think that it is important enough
If it is, finding the time to do it is not that tough.
So are you still thinking that you don’t have time?
If so, why are you still reading this rhyme?


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