The road not taken

What if I didn’t meet my wife?
What would happen to my life?
What if I didn’t study engineering?
What if I studied marketing?

What if I didn’t go to study in UK?
What would happen to me, who could say?
What if I didn’t get my Ph.D.?
What if I didn’t have any degree?

What if I didn’t work as a professor?
What would happen to me later?
What if I didn’t meet my friends?
What if our friendship just ends?

What if I didn’t write this rhyme?
What if I didn’t have time?
What if I didn’t read this book?
What if I didn’t even take a look?

Every day we need to make decisions.
We need to answer a lot of questions.
You can’t know exactly what will happen.
It is just the road not taken.

But remember that the choice you made
is always the one that is the best.
Everything happens for a reason.
You just wait for the answer of that particular question.


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