I don’t have any mood to write

This happens to me for a while.
I just didn’t have any mood to write and I don’t know why.
Perhaps lately I have been very busy.
But I used to be like that and I could write many things really.

Perhaps, I don’t have any topic to write.
Perhaps, my schedule is really tight.
But writing is my favourite hobby.
If I can’t do it, it will be very pity.

So can anyone recommend what I should do?
What would you do if it were you?
Only thing I can think of right now is just start writing.
Hopefully this trick is just working.

Or is this what they call ‘a writer’s block’?
Only thing I can do is just watching a clock.
But at least I now write almost a page right now.
Tell you the truth, I just have no idea how.

I consider this as my little success.
I just tried to do my best.
So thanks for reading all these nonsenses.
Thanks in advance for any of your comments.


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