Do we need a university?

Someone said that university will no longer exist.
To me, this might be true but now it’s a myth.
How can we learn without going to a university?
Someone said, you can learn online, but is it that easy?

Which YouTube channel will you look for?
How do you know what subject you need to study more?
What about the computer programmes that you need to buy?
How can you afford that? Unless you are very rich, this is not fine.

In some subjects, you need to do an experiment in a laboratory.
You will need to have it at your home without a university.
You will never meet many people, some of them become your good friends.
You learn at home, you know few people, and that’s the end.

I am not saying that university should not change.
University needs to adapt, many policies should be arranged.
But to me, university is still important to most people.
You don’t have to agree with me, if you believe in a miracle.


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