The sea

After a long period of work, I just had a wonderful holiday.
I went to Hua Hin, one of my most favourite places, you can say.
What I love the most is sitting and watching the sea.
I sat quietly, just only my family and me.

When I was a child, I remembered my perfect holiday.
My dad and my mom took me to the beach, and I played with the clay.
It was dirty, but then who cared?
Then I went swimming, I loved being out there.

Coming back to the present, I no longer enjoy swimming.
Perhaps I am getting older, I only enjoy eating.
Oh by the way, sea food is my favourite dish.
I really love eating grilled lobster and fried squid.

Well, I intended to write something about the sea.
It is so beautiful and really attracts me.
I think that the sea really makes me calm.
That will explain why I had a wonderful time.


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