Being a professor

One of my goals since I became a university lecturer
was to become a university full professor.
I just got promotion to be a professor finally.
Yes I confess, I am quite happy.

Then people asked me how to become one.
At first, I loved to answer, I thought that it was fun.
But tell you the truth, this question is not easy to answer.
The method might suit only me but not the others.

My standard answer is to keep doing a research.
You read papers and the topic will eventually emerge.
Then you collect the data and present in the conference.
You do it again and again, make sure you do it very often.

Then you publish paper in the international journal.
You have to write it neatly and the tone must be formal.
Then you wait for results and hope it works out for you.
That’s it. That’s what I normally do.

But I think again, I think that there is another secret.
If you want to succeed, I will tell you if you are interested.
This helps me a lot and it helps me every time.
Don’t do a boring stuff and write your research in rhyme.


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