Why not

When we were a child,
we learned to answer the question of ‘what’.
It was easy and we usually smiled.
Only thing we needed was to memorise the plot.

Then ‘what’ was no longer enough,
Our next question was ‘how’.
But again we often laughed,
We finally figured it out and it made us proud.

Then we are an adult,
We start to ask the question of ‘why’,
If we don’t know then we consult.
And we get an answer with our smile.

Now it’s time to move to something better,
the question that is beyond ‘how’ and ‘what’.
This question is more proper,
It is not ‘why’ but ‘why not’.

Every time you have to work harder
don’t ask why I have to do it a lot.
You simply do it and do it better,
as I told you it is not why but why not.


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