My writing and my life

It all started when I was five
when my dad asked me what I would like to buy.
He asked “what is it son?”
I answered “a book” because it was fun.

Then I spent all summer reading,
and almost forgot all my eating.
It became my favorite hobby since then.
Yes, I was a nerd since I was ten.

When I was twelve,
I started to think about myself.
I first published the newspapers
I believed I couldn’t do it better.

I sold it to my parents.
They seemed to be quite pleasant.
Then I thought I should own a book store,
which should take space of the entire floor.

I could spend all days to read.
And then I will be very pleased.
Then when I grew up, I thought I can be a librarian.
My friends started to think I was a Martian.

My close friend asked me why I didn’t want to be a doctor.
My answer almost shocked her.
Doctor is boring,
and if I become one, I will be snoring.

You might guess my future career…
Oh no I am not a writer, but I became an engineer!!
This is an educational problem in Thailand,
when you don’t know what you should plan.

The only reason I got my engineering degree
was that it makes my parents proud, you see.
I am no longer an engineer,
But still figuring it out what I am doing here?

I am glad I am part of a poet’s society.
It seems like I have reached my goal, finally.


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