My son and I

I have a son, named Praj.
Just like a normal father, I think that he is quite smart
He loves to study science.
His scores in this subject are just fine.

His favourite animal is hedgehog.
He also loves to raise hawk.
He said that one day he will become a business man.
Perhaps he will own the “animal land”.

He also loves a dinosaur.
He buys everything related to that from the store.
He told me T-rex is cool.
Not just me, he also told his friends at the school.

What he hates the most is to get up early.
Sometimes he also hates to study.
He asked me when the school thing will end.
Then he can do whatever he likes with his friends.

I asked him whether I can publish this rhyme.
He answered, it’s o.k., dad, you commit no crime.
Well that’s summary of the story of my son.
I hope this story is fun.


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