My wife and I

I feel quite unsafe to write this rhyme.
I feel like I am about to commit a crime.
What I am going to tell you is about my wife.
I know that this is so dangerous to my life.

I met her twenty three years ago at PTTEP company
We both were the new employees.
She worked as an accountant and I was an engineer.
Why we got in love was not so clear.

The only thing I know now is that she is perfect.
However sometimes what she said and what she meant was quite complex.
When she said “it is up to you”
What she actually meant is that “I don’t want you to do”

If she seemed to be quiet and I asked if she is mad at me.
Her answer was always “no, I am quite glad”, you see.
When she said “it’s all right”,
then you could expect that she was about to pick up a fight.

In shopping mall, when she told me she was just wandering.
It also meant, she definitely went shopping!
I will get to know her better and better, may be.
But I always love her, you see.

I should end this story here.
I am writing this rhyme with fear.
This is a story of my wife.
I can go no further since it risks my life!


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