My time in Glasgow

When people asked me why I went to Glasgow
My answer was simply “I don’t know”.
Perhaps I liked cold weather and where I was born is hot.
So the question about Glasgow is not why but why not?

When I first arrived at Glasgow,
The time was really quite slow.
I was really homesick,
The thing that I could finally fix.

I was stunned when I first saw Glasgow University.
It was really pretty.
I thought it was a palace or something,
It really made my heart swing.

Then when met Geoff, my Ph.D. supervisor,
I thought he was very clever.
I imagined that Ph.D. must be so hard.
But the time went by very fast.

I found that Scottish people are really kind.
You could easily see their smiles.
I also liked to watch Scottish football.
Not Ranger, not Celtics but another team that is small.

Geoff took me to Firhill, their football ground.
Tell you the truth I really wanted to turn around.
But the exciting atmosphere was how I feel.
And I also knew their name, Partick Thistle ‘nil’.

Oh I really missed Glasgow a lot.
I will surely be there again rather than not.


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