My dream career

When I was a child, my teacher asked me.
When you grow up, what do you want to be?
What are you going to do in the future?
Doctor was only my answer.

No I did not really want to be a doctor.
But that was what most students answered.
Do you want to know my dreamed career in the future?
I really wanted to be a famous football player.

But if I gave that answer, my teacher would say ‘enough’!
My friends might also just laugh.
They did not even know how good I was as a football player.
At that time, I thought, comparing to Maradona, I was much better!

I didn’t stop to pursue my dream,
I actually went to manager of our national football team.
I asked him whether I can be trained with their players.
To my surprise, he was kind enough to be ‘yes sir’.

Every evening, I came to their football field,
He asked me to run and run but time to kick the ball was nil.
At least I had seen my football superstars.
They were trained in the pitch not so far.

I ran every day for about half a year.
I thought that this was my dreamed career.
But very soon I just realized, you see.
They did not take it seriously looking at me.

I dreamed one day, I could play in Wembley.
The atmosphere would be just friendly.
Now that dream just died.
But I am doing just fine.

My current dream is to become a famous football team manager.
I will take Thailand to the World Cup in the future.
If possible, I can be player-manager as well.
We will win the World Cup as far as I can tell.

Should I wake up now?
No I think that only writing this makes me proud.
Thanks for reading until this line.
I will end this story with a big smile.


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