Why students come to class late

I really love to teach my students.
But you know what always happens.
When the class starts at nine,
I think that everyone should be fine.

What really happens is that few students arrive on time.
That is one of the reasons that I write this rhyme.
When I asked them why they were late,
they simply answered me that it was complicated.

One student told me it was a traffic jam.
I then asked her why you didn’t just get up a bit early ma’am
She then told me that since she studied hard,
so she couldn’t get up so fast.

The other student told me he was late because of his dad.
They had an argument and were both mad.
I told him that should not be an excuse.
He didn’t get it, I guess, since he looked quite confused.

One student told me that he was not late!
I said no, please look at the clock, mate.
He said it was half past nine and then?
He even told me that my class started at ten!

Every student has million reasons why he/she is late.
I always start on time since I don’t want other students to wait.
But, I told them, who were late that I was so tired with your old excuses.
I didn’t like it and I was not amused.

Next time your excuses should be creative ones.
At least you should make me fun!


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