Does this book make you rich?

I have written several books,
Some of you probably used to have a look.
One type of book that I have written
is the book about stock investment.

Now if you checked out the books available in the market.
Most of them will make a claim that it can make you richest.
What about my book then?
Several ones asked me before they spend.

Well, my book contains results from many research including mine.
I am also applying everything that I wrote and I am just fine.
But to claim that it will make everyone rich is just simply not right.
I think that there are many ways to success but you have to fight.

So what does my book guarantee then?
No, not profit, but it reminds you to think again.
When you invest in the stock market, you really need help.
The first thing you should learn is that your biggest enemy is yourself.

So this book does not make you rich.
But I think that it is a book that you shouldn’t miss.
At best, you might lower the probability of losing your money.
By knowing yourself, you are in the right path to become successful…. well hopefully.


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