My dad has Alzheimer’s disease

I am writing this rhyme for my dad,
He is diagnosed to have Alzheimer’s disease.
At first I felt very sad.
I didn’t want this to happen, oh please…

But at last, I think in a positive way,
At least I know this at very early stage.
So I still have opportunity to spend time and play
with him, when he can still remember his age.

I asked the doctor, what would happen in the future.
He said at last, my dad will forget everything.
That hurt my feeling with this answer.
I think about this every morning.

But as I always said whatever will be will be.
So the most important thing is right now.
The future is not ours to see.
I will do everything that will make him proud.

I asked him what will make him happy.
He said he needed to think for a while.
Then he told me the thing that makes him happy is me.
His answer almost made me cry.

So from now on, I will spend a very happy time with my dad,
although I felt like a count down.
But I will be never ever sad.
Thank you for reading story, my pal.


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