New economy is coming

In the old days, if you want to be in a taxi business,
You have to own many taxis.
Now Uber have its success,
without any.

In the old days, you have to be a billionaire
to have your own hotel chain,
Now with Airbnb, it’s fair
to say that they don’t need one, my friends.

In the old days, you have to own hundred thousand of books,
to claim that you are the largest bookstore.
Now, there is Amazon, you can have a look,
They have millions of book that don’t even need a shop any more.

In the old days, you can convey message to only few people a day
or ten at most.
With Facebook, it is quite safe to say,
you can have hundred friends who read your post.

The new economy is coming,
So we have to be prepared.
Otherwise we might lose something,
especially the thing that we care.


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