Last week, there was something happened.
This was a very rare event, it was not very often.
We found thief trying to steal our money.
It was about midnight, when everyone went to bed, feeling sleepy.

Then my brother who lived in the third floor went to the toilet.
He opened the door and it was very quiet.
Then he saw someone trying to do something in the dark.
“What are you doing!!!” in loud voice, he asked.

Suddenly that guy just ran so fast going downstairs.
Without any doubt, my brother went after him, he wasn’t scared.
Unfortunately that guys could jump out our wall and got away.
My brother woke me up, “there was a thief!” he says.

We called the police and they arrived in very short time.
Police did some investigation and found the evidence of this crime.
They concluded that it must be someone who knows my house very well.
Suddenly I thought of one maid who just resigned, I can tell.

She resigned and still lives very nearby my house.
I also knew that she was just living with her new spouse.
I didn’t know what her motivation will be.
I guessed she must be addicted to drug, you see.

All in all, now we make sure we lock up every door.
We also investigate every of our building floor.
We will never lock up our dogs during the night.
Next time thief cannot come into our house without any dogs’ fight!


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