Why every time I wash my car, it will start raining.
Why when I am in a hurry, my kids are always over sleeping.
Why when a car insurance just expired, there will be an accident.
Why every time when I don’t prepare, I will be always be asked for the comment.

Why I will only forget the point that happens to be on the test.
Why I always sell stock that will eventually be the best.
Why the electricity is out only when my work is 99% finished.
Why the food is found to be spoiled just only after I ate it.

Why only when I watch my favorite football team play, they will always lose.
Why only when I really need to be at work early, I will always snooze.
Why the traffic is always heavily jammed, only when I have an important meeting.
Why the noise is suddenly loud only when I want to be listening.

I just cannot answer all these whys.
The only thing that I always do is to shrug my shoulder and simply….. smile.


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