The more you learn, the more you earn?

When I obtained my bachelor’s degree,
I went to work as an engineer at PTTEP.
I remember that my first salary was 19,000 Baht a month.
I worked there for a year and had a lot of fun.

Then I resigned and went to USA.
It was in 1995, about the mid of May.
I spent two years there and obtained master degree.
Now I went back to work for company called PTT.

Do you know what my starting salary was?
With master degree, it was 17,000 Baht, a 2,000-Baht loss!
I accepted that salary and worked there for 4 years.
Again I resigned and went straight to UK without any fear.

I studied for 5 more years and obtained a Ph.D.
Now I went back to become a lecturer at Thammasat University.
With Ph.D., I should have got higher starting salary, don’t you think so?
No, the starting salary was still very low.

If I remember correctly, it was only 14,000 Baht a month.
My family asked, “Are you having fun?”
The higher degree that I get,
The lower salary, it is set.

Fortunately, there is no more degree,
that is higher than Ph.D.
Because if there is one, I will probably go for it again.
Then I will come back with negative salary I obtain!


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