My name

99.9% of Thai people spell my Thai name incorrectly,
although my name is in Thai dictionary.
One time I even asked my students in the final exam,
The question was very simple, “who I am?”

Do you believe that most of them failed to answer it correctly?
But I was not mad, I was having fun and very happy,
to learn my new name with many ways of spelling.
Some of them were not even close, as I was checking.

My name ‘Nopadol’ in Thai means ‘sky’.
I always love to look at it, that’s probably why.
My nickname is ‘Nok’, which means ‘bird’.
That also explains why I wake up so early and always be the first.

My surname is ‘Rompho’, which means the shade of Bodhi tree.
Sky, tree, and bird, yes this is me.
Now it’s time for you to tell me about your name.
I am curious whether the story will also be the same.


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