The impossible task

I am writing this rhyme
since I am quite upset at the time.
As a professor in a university,
publishing research paper is one of my duties.

I have submitted my research paper,
Then I received confusing comments from two reviewers.
The first one simply said the paper was excellent.
I kept smiling until I read the next comment.

The second reviewer said it was just a waste.
My research was simply a mess.
He/she suggested millions of correction,
plus billion of what-did-you-just-say? questions.

The thing is that if I change everything according to the second reader’s comment
It means that I have to rewrite the whole content.
But the first reviewer just said it was a brilliant research.
These two comments obviously cannot be merged.

Perhaps you can give me an advice what I should do.
Tell you the truth, I don’t even have a clue.
Or this is just another test to become a successful researcher.
But this is crazy like the price of Pogba returning to Manchester!


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