How to get a girl’s attention

When I was a teenager,
one thing that I remember,
is when I would like to know a pretty girl,
who looked pretty much like a pearl.

However, I was too excited to start a conversation,
I didn’t know whether I should start with a question,
“Hello, are you having a good day?”
Is that what I should actually say?

Or should I just only smile?
And waiting for her to ask me why.
Should I show off by playing football?
Scoring some goals to get attention by all.

I don’t really remember what conversation I did start.
But all I know is that twenty more years went by so fast,
Now I have no problem with drawing her attention,
This is without any question.

Just doing nothing during the day,
That pretty girl will come right to me and have a say.
Darling, don’t you have anything to do?
Real good then, here are the work waiting for you!


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