Losing weight

Have you ever tried to lose weight?
By only drinking a can of soda, do you know how much exercise time that you have to compensate?
One can of soda contains about 250 calories.
It takes a very long-minute of running to burn them all, about fifty!

I wonder why losing weight is always harder than gaining ones.
Perhaps losing weight is not really fun.
Eating, watching TV are activities that we can do easily.
Exercise however needs a lot of energy.

One of my New Year resolutions every year is to lose my weight about 10%.
And you all can guess what really happens.
Instead of losing one, I gain about 5% almost every year.
What I have achieved and what I set as a goal is not even near.

So this coming New Year, I will need more innovative plan.
I notice every time when I watch a game as a diehard fan.
On TV, almost every time I support a team, they always lost.
I start to think that perhaps I will be the main cause.

So for next year this is actually my plan.
I will set my goal trying to gain as much weight as I can.
Let’s see what this plan will take me into.
Next year, if I succeed, I will come back to recommend to all of you.


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