Our holidays

Last week, my family and I left Thailand.
We went to have the holidays in Japan.
On the first day we spent time in Tokyo, the capital city.
I think that it was really lovely.

After that we went up the hill,
The weather was pretty cold and chill.
It was -5 degree Celsius during the night.
Everything was covered by snow and all white.

My children joined ski camping.
My wife and I had a wonderful time reading.
This was our first time that we were alone by ourselves since we had children.
The occasion was really rare, and it was not really often.

I was writing this rhyme when I was still at the camping site.
The facility was clean and really nice.
We had a wonderful trip together.
My kids also love skiing although they are just a beginner.

I think that we had a wonderful holiday.
I would like our kids to attend ski camping again, I must say.
I am also glad to see all their smiles.
Most importantly, we all had a wonderful time.


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