New Year’s resolution

I will reduce my weight by 10 percent.
I will have more new good friends.
I will write rhyme at least four times a month.
I will try not to skip my lunch.

I will write two more books.
I will finish all online courses that I took.
I will try to work less.
I will go visit at least one beautiful place.

I will sleep early.
I will wake up at four thirty.
I will read more books.
I will learn how to cook.

I will learn to play a guitar.
I will try to not to spend more time in a car.
I will meditate more often.
I will higher my financial worth at least 10 percent.

I will play more football.
I will pick up less telephone calls.
I will do all these things within a year.
I will come back to review when 31st Dec is near.


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