The meaning of success

To you, what does ‘success’ really mean?
I think that this is the area that is yet to be thoroughly seen.
When people say ‘I want to succeed’,
do they know what they actually need?

To me, success or not depends on the definition of success.
I found this a very interesting case.
If success means that you must earn a lot of money,
Then most people will never succeed actually.

Since it is almost impossible to see everyone to be a billionaire.
So I don’t think that this definition is fair.
So what does success really mean to me?
I think that it means to ‘do what you love’, you see.

Just for example, when I write this rhyme.
If success means that I have to win the Pulitzer Prize every time,
then I must consider myself a big loser.
Because I don’t even come near that award, never.

But I consider this to be my success,
since I can do what I really love, and I don’t care about the rest.
So I think that you can succeed everything right away.
Just change the definition of it, then you will always be more than o.k.


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