Story telling competition

My daughter, Napisa, was selected into the final round in a story telling competition.
This event was sponsored by Asia Book, the leading book store in our nation.
My son, my wife and I were with her yesterday,
having a chance to see her reading performance and great play.

I was thinking what I were doing when I was at her age.
Only thing coming up in my mind was that I wanted to play a roller blade.
My English was nothing compared to hers.
Tell you the truth, I didn’t even remember.

Nowadays English becomes very important to everyone.
It is a way to communicate to the world and have fun.
Story telling is also an important skill.
If you have one, you will become a special few.

So I was glad with my daughter’s performance.
She is confidence and having fun and that’s important.
But don’t you dare asking to see mine.
You know me, I am very shy.


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