Small steps

Today I just found out one great concept.
‘You can achieve anything if you start with small steps’.
If you want to exercise every day.
‘Only one minute’, can be your goal, I would say.

If you want to be rich,
Saving one pound a day can be something you can start with.
If you want to read a whole book,
only one page a day can be something that you can start to look.

‘A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step’.
I really believe in this great concept.
But you know why people rarely succeed.
They don’t even start to do something that they really need.

The first step is the hardest one.
That’s why we must make it very easy and fun.
The trick is that you set the goal that is very easily reached.
The goal that you can never miss.

For me, my goal is to write one line a day,
I end up writing several pages without delay.
This is very scientific. It is about friction.
It is hardest to move thing at the beginning without any question.

Once you can get it rolling.
You will found it very easy and amazing.
It will become your normal habit that you do every day.
without effort or any attention to pay.

So start with easy goal and start right now.
I am sure that when you do it, you will be proud.
If you think that you are not ready then….
asking yourself if not now, when?


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