The definition of love

Do you know what love is?
If you know, can you tell me please?
I don’t know what it really means.
It is tangible and impossible to be seen.

’What is love?’ I asked my daughter.
‘It is when people care each other’
Do you know what it means, my son?
Dad, it means something that is really fun.

‘Darling, what is love?’ I asked my wife.
She then looked at me at least twice.
‘Do you really want to know what love means?’
Yes, I replied, I wanted to know since I was thirteen.

‘You don’t want to know, honey’.
‘Why? I want to know, really’.
There is no single definition, she replied.
To me, love is you, she smiled.

In my opinion, love is what you feel.
Love is an energy that can move a hill.
Love is something that can wake you up in the night.
Love is something you just knew at the first sight.

I don’t really know what love exactly is.
There are plenty books in this subject that I actually read.
But I don’t care what it means anymore.
As long as I have someone to love, that is what I am living for.


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