How to be happy

I know some people who are always sad.
Occasionally, I also found them very mad.
I start to wonder what makes people happy.
Is that something that make people rich or being healthy or wealthy?

But that conclusion is wrong, because most sad people whom I met,
they are healthy and wealthy, they even have an expensive pet.
So what is it then? I still ask myself.
Is there more important thing, apart from wealth and health?

I finally come to the conclusion, the secret of happiness.
It is not health, wealth, not even success.
It is how we judge, how we set our bar.
If it is so high, it will be so hard to reach the star.

Two people might be exactly in the same situation.
One might be complaining since everything is not at perfection.
The other might be so happy since it is more than what is expected.
So happiness is the thing that can simply be selected.

It takes the least amount of effort just to smile.
But why we still found some people always cry.
Change your mindset and you can be happy right now.
That’s my opinion of happiness and I just told you how.


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