What do you want your kids to be?

What do you normally expect from your kids?
Do you expect them to be rich?
Do you want them to study hard?
Do you want them to be very smart?

Do you want them to follow your instruction?
Do you want them to always say yes without any question?
Do you want them to pay attention to you?
Do you want them to succeed in everything they do?

I think that there is no right or wrong answer.
It all depends on what you think matters.
If you asked me what I think.
Yesterday I might not be able to give you answer within a blink.

But just this morning, when I saw one sign sticking on the wall.
It said ‘if you were tired, you could simply call’.
My son was willing to help without paying him any fee.
He could do everything including cleaning or even laundry.

Then I realised what I was looking for.
I simply couldn’t have asked him for more.
So what do I want my kids to be?
I think that I got the answer right in front of me.


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