Two important days in our lives

Someone said there two most important days in our lives.
The first day is your birthday when you first saw the light.
The second day is the day you know what you were born for.
Then you don’t want to know something else anymore.

I can’t really remember my first day.
So I am looking for the second, I would say.
The day I know what I will do for the rest of my life.
The day that I dream of when I sleep every night.

I know what I really love to do.
But I am not quite sure what I am up to.
What will happen if I do what I like,
But I have to face something that is not really nice.

It is so hard when you are doing well at the moment.
Being good is an enemy of being excellent.
I really doubt when I am thinking of pursuing my dream.
Perhaps I am just o.k. with my status quo, it seems.

So the solution that I might do right now.
I will do both things at the same time, that’s how.
Until I know that it’s about time,
I will come back to tell you again in rhyme.


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