About a year ago, thief came to our house.
No no no, they didn’t come here to catch a mouse.
They stole our money.
And cops couldn’t get him, oh yes, really.

Time went by and now it’s almost a year.
We couldn’t sleep well, we were living in fear.
We had set up the Burglar alarms
We believed that it will make us calm.

Last week, thief came visit us again.
He could make it into our house, I think that he has a good brain.
But this time he couldn’t get anything, since the alarm went off suddenly.
He then left so fast and again we couldn’t catch him really.

I came to report the incident to the police.
We told him all incidents at their office.
They told me they had all pictures from CC TV.
Now we hope that they can catch this man finally.

But during this time, we need to do something,
I think we need a better environment, so we plan to be moving.
Luckily, we have brought new houses in a much nicer environment.
That’s where we are going and we can live without any intense.

Oh by the way, police asked us whether we had a dog to guard the house
Yes officer, we have two, but only thing they are interested in is a mouse.
On that day, I heard they barked only one or two times.
After that they went to sleep or perhaps wrote its own rhyme!


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