Vacation time

Since the term has begun in January,
I work seven days a week, oh yes I have been very busy.
But now the term is about to end.
It is now vacation time, my friends.

I decided to take time off and went to Hua Hin beach.
I even left the school just right after it finished.
Spending time writing rhyme while seeing the sea
is just the perfect vacation for me.

During the long summer break this year,
I also plan to go somewhere that is not near.
I plan to visit Scotland and England,
The country that I am a real fan.

Oh yes I like summer vacation,
I would like to do whatever is my passion.
Yes I still like to teach and do research.
But there are plenty of things that match my personality, introvert.

During summer, the only thing that is quite boring,
is that I don’t have football matches that I used to be watching.
But I don’t want to watch it anyway,
Keep losing and drawing is what my team always plays.


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