Scary moment

My dad has an Alzheimer’s disease, as you may know.
Doctor said it is hard to cure and make it go.
So I wish my dad to be very happy.
I take that as one of my main responsibilities.

I know that he loves to ride a bike.
He told me stories about what activity he always likes.
He used to ride a bicycle around 40 kilometers almost every day.
When he was very young, riding a bike to his school was the only way.

So I fixed his old bicycle so that he can ride it again.
He grabbed his bike and did it right away, he needed not to be trained.
I noticed that he seems to be very happy.
So am I, as a part of his family.

But several days ago, I got a phone call from my wife.
She told me that my dad just disappeared and that was the scare of my life.
That was when I was teaching my students at the university.
So my mom and my wife drove around the area just to find him and that was so scary.

It was almost about half an hour when my wife called me.
My dad was seen at nearby village in the afternoon about three.
But the man who saw him didn’t know where he went.
The situation at that time was very intense.

Finally, thanks god, he could find the way back home safely.
He seemed to be o.k. and told everyone not to worry.
He told us that he just got lost and couldn’t find the way back.
So he kept riding until he found the familiar track.

What he told us was that he rode his bike into the main highway.
From our home, it was about 10 kilometers far away.
So from now on when he wants to ride his bicycle, you see.
Running after him becomes my new responsibility!


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