UK experience

I had been in UK for two weeks.
And I loved it a lot.
I went to many places that I would like to speak.
Everything was lovely except the weather was a bit hot.

First I went to Edinburgh, the beautiful city.
I used to be there many times.
But I still love it, really.
So much that I want to say it again in this rhyme.

Then I went to London,
the UK capital city.
I found it quite fun.
But things are so expensive, really.

My highlight was when I was in Bourton-on the-Water.
It was such a lovely place.
Although the weather is quite warmer,
I found it the best place to rest.

All in all, I was impressed every time I visit UK.
This is such a beautiful country.
I love the British living way.
And also British people, really.


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