Happy Birthday My Wife

Several days ago, someone asked me.
“Do you want to travel into the past?”
Like others, I have done some mistakes, you see.
So going back to correct them seems to be very smart.

But I said to them, “No definitely not”
and they asked me why.
One thing that I never forgot,
and it always brings back my smile.

The reason I don’t want to correct anything in the past,
is that I don’t want to change the history.
I don’t think that decision is really smart,
since I might not meet my wife, who is so lovely.

Today is the birthday of my wife.
and I again don’t know what to say.
She definitely changes my life.
I tell you, I can’t have the better days.

So happy birthday to you,
I wish you all the best.
I hope you can do whatever you like to.
And you have a lot of time to rest.

We will be getting old together.
We will watch our kids grow too.
I will be with you forever.
I will always love you.


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