Twenty years ago I went to USA
to study for my first master degree.
I really had difficult days,
since I missed my girlfriend and my family.

At that time there was no chat application.
And it was so expensive to make a phone call.
So it was really rare occasion
that I can call them all.

The main way to contact them is to write a letter.
And I did it every single day.
It really made me feel a lot better.
I thought this was really a good way.

I wrote letters to my lovely girlfriend.
And she always wrote me back too.
It was long two years until it finally ended.
All my letters always ended with ‘I love you’.

Today I reread these letters again.
And it makes me smile.
I really had a lovely girlfriend,
who never made me cry.

That girlfriend now disappears.
She really fulfilled my life.
I no longer have girlfriend for 16 years.
Because that girlfriend now becomes my lovely wife.


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