Comfort zone

Someone told me to ‘get out of the comfort zone’.
So I did and now I feel like living alone.
There are many new things to be learned.
Something to look for every move and turn.

I am now in the process of finding my new life balance.
It’s balance between ‘yes I can’ and ‘no I can’t’.
I try to put all theories into practices.
Sometimes it’s on target and sometimes it just missed.

Occasionally, I really missed my old comfort zone,
where I can do everything easily alone.
But I can’t grow up if I am still there.
So when I felt struggle, I always thought that’s fair.

I remember my professor once told me ‘no pain no gain’.
All problems that I now face can help me to be trained.
I really believe I can come back to my old comfort zone sooner or later.
But this time, that zone will be much larger.

I have no idea what I will finally be led to.
All I know is that I am ready to do.
So hello my new comfort zone.
We will get to know each other, I know there are a lot of things to be known.


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